The messy domain of deanly interaction*

This is what my world looks like now.  It’s mid-December, and sabbatical is still two weeks away.  Yeah, it’s a mess. And I’m not even showing you my email inbox.

But do you see that book up there in the right-hand corner? Christian Wiman’s My  Bright Abyss?  On January 3, I’m going to wake up to that.  And only that. And this desk will be getting all messed up by someone else.  For an entire year, I will wake up to whatever book I want to read, and someone else–someone entirely capable who is not me–will be dealing with the graphs and reports and the thousands and thousands of emails.

But that year hasn’t started yet, so, for now, back I go to that mess.

I’ll see you in January, with Christian Wiman.

*Shout out to Jerome Bruner, “The Narrative Construction of Reality”


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